Product Registration

Product Registration

gCRM requires registration to start a trial and to use it after the trial period.

To start the registration process, use the CRM, Help, Register Product menu item.

Selecting Edition

You may register the trial version for free; the product code is not required.

To register the gCRM Enterprise edition fill in the product code received after purchasing.

gCRM Registration - Select the edition

Licensee Data

Please fill in the registration form like this:

gCRM Registration - Fill personal data

The Next button is enabled when you check the required field about the personal data use.

Online Registration

After clicking the Next button, the gCRM connects to the registration server.

If the connection is successful, the wizard shows the final step.

If any error occurred during connection, you might try to register the product later or try to register the product by email.

gCRM Registration - The final step

You may set the registration for all users of the computer. This action requires administrator privileges.

Registration by Email

If you choose the Register by email option on the Licensee Data step, the following screen is displayed:

gCRM Registration - Check and start the registration email

Click the Create Email Message button to create an email.

If starting the email program has failed, please create the registration email manually using the shown registration data.
Just copy and paste the To, Subject, and the Message fields.

The registration server sends the reply in a couple of seconds.

Please copy the activation code from the received registration email and paste it into the Activation code field.

gCRM Registration - Paste the activation code

The Next button is enabled when the activation code is valid.

Click Next to finish the activation.

gCRM Registration - The final step
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